Linux based Operative Systems will have a larger Market Share than Microsoft by 2050

This quest has been submitted by migueltorrescosta on the 17th July, 2020. Currently it aggregates the predictions of 4 forecasters. The average forecast sits at 64% ± 18% and the expert consensus sits at 66%. Related questions exist under #OS #market cap #windows #ubuntu #linux .

CharlesMilk 22nd July, 2020, 7:49
Sam Davies 21st July, 2020, 8:05
Marc 20th July, 2020, 13:37

If you look at OS beyond the desktops, I think they've already won. Linux is the main smartphone OS by a large margin.

migueltorrescosta 17th July, 2020, 12:31

Windows currently has a lot of Market Share due to its ease of use and the fact that most laptops come with Windows pre installed. This is changing as companies such as System76 design laptops specifically for Ubuntu, and as PC providers realize that it is cheaper to use Ubuntu ( which is free ) versus the existing licenses paid to have Windows pre installed. These market forces will push us towards using Linux over Windows.

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OS Market Share comparison migueltorrescosta on the 17th July, 2020, 12:50