Quest Submission

How to submit the best quest statements

It is our belief that users should be allowed to submit statements they find interesting, without our vetting, and let the community resolve the truthfulness of your statement. For that it is important that your statements are answered by others and as such there are a few guidelines we have found to be useful. We use this checklist when submitting our own statements.

Make the dates / time clear

The statement "Every Year, Obesity kills more people than Sharks" will be true some years, false some others and as such it is unclear how and when this question will solve, even if nowadays we might find the statement obviously true. The statement might even be interpreted as saying that obsesity kills more people than sharks all years, and as such we only need one counter example to resolve the statement as false. This is made clearer by writing "Between 1st January 2020 and 31st December 2029 more people will die from shark attacks than Obesity".

Provide context for your used terms

The statement "Fields are a subset of Rings" is well defined in the mathematics world, but only if you know the meaning of ring, subset and field. As such you can be clearer by contextualizing: "In mathematics, Fields are a subset of Rings"

Find the crux of your question

If you say "Universal Basic Income is a good Idea", to who it will be good and in what way is unclear. We clarify this statement by focusing on what we actually want to know. As an example, I might write the lengthier but more useful statement: "The first country to implement Universal Basic Income will reduce it's wealth inequality in half in less than 10 years after the first payments, as measured by the Gini coefficient". This statement is lengthier but also much more informative.

Not all questions will be solvable

Even though questions might sound reasonable, we might end up in a situation where they are not solvable. A good example is the dot com bubble. Had someone submitted in 1998 the statement The Internet Market is overvalued", we would still not be able to answer this question today: Most Internet companies went bankrupt in 1999/2000, but the current valuation of Internet Companies beats any other industry. Even nowadays there is no agreement on that statement, and we doubt there will ever be.
This is ok: Not all questions need to be resolved, and we ensure that individual rankings aren't affected significantly by unresolvable questions.

Are we missing the best checks?

Drop us an email at and we will be keeping this list updated with the best bullet points.