Our Mission

It is hard to distinguish fact from fiction. There are many forces at play, and the complexity of our world is overwhelming. We aim to simplify this by providing a new system for knowledge sharing. For you, the process should be as simple as:

  1. There is a piece of knowledge which you want to know if it is / will be true.
  2. You write a New Statement as part of your Quest.
  3. You can share your Quest with friends holding useful information.
  4. We smoothly aggregate the information submitted by everyone to reduce uncertainty around your Quest.
For it, we make use of the following 5 guiding principles.

Public Knowledge

We give you a dollar, you give us a dollar back, and we are back where we started. I teach you something, you teach me something back, and everyone wins. We share our knowledge to ensure everyone wins. Let us all bring it together into public domain for you to make use of it.

Equal Opportunity

Academic degrees do not equate to knowledge. Job titles do not equate to knowledge. Work and study equate to knowledge. Everyone deserves the same opportunity to prove their worth. Are you up for the challenge?

There's Always More

There is always more we can learn, more we can be taught. We will make decisions not knowing whether they will be the best ones. We will be wrong, and that is okay. We will improve. We will make better decisions. We will discover what we know, what we don't, and learn to tell the difference.

Accountability Matters

Trust is essential for cooperation. It is not enough to take it for granted. Doctors make better calls regarding patient treatments. Engineers make better calls regarding our everyday tools. We need experts to help us make sense of the world. A track record is needed if we are to trust expert knowledge. Trust is based on reliability and consistency.

Ground Truth

We have nearly 8 billion heads around the world. Together we can achieve more than any individual group. We are building the way for public knowledge. We are building the way for better decisions. We are building the way for a better future. Not for one person. Not for one group. For everyone.